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Xinzuo 440C Gyuto 210mm

Xinzuo 440C Gyuto 210mm

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The one thing you need to know about this kitchen knife: Convex Profile Taper (Pic 5)

From what I've found, this is one of the ONLY knife brands from China that grinds a convex taper into their blade. The convex taper is super common on Japanese blades but rare on Chinese blades. This means Chinese manufacturers are catching up!!

Why is the convex taper important?
It helps tremendously with food release from the blade. If the blade is ground completely flat, food sticks to the blade very tenaciously and does not release easily. Think of a suction cup, it clings easily to flat piece of glass, but on a curved surface like a wine glass, it will never stick to it.

Here are some other key features:
- Comes with a saya (wooden sheath) to protect your blade if you do bring it to work
- 3-Layer 440C Steel hardened to HRC59 for a solid edge retention
- G10 Handle is completely resistant to water and highly durable
- Mosaic pin add a decorative flair to the knife

Blade Type: Gyuto
Core: 440C Steel (Stainless)
Handle: G10 with mosaic pin
Spine Thickness at Heel: 2.2mm
HRC: 59
Weight: 240g
Blade Length: 211 mm
Overall Length: 348 mm

Does it come with a saya?
Yes, it does!

How does the edge retention of 440C compare with VG10?
Before VG10, ATS34 and 154CM, there was 440C. Composition of all these steels are actually pretty similar and they all perform similarly. 440C tends to be the most basic of these steels with the least amount of additives (e.g. Cobalt and Vanadium). As a result edge retention of 440C would be about 10% less compared to VG10. Considering the cost of the knife, I think this is a very respectable result.

Where is the balance point?
It is at the very junction where the blade meets the bolster.
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