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Tosa Kiritsuke 210mm

Tosa Kiritsuke 210mm

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The history of Tosa knives:

Tosa is a city located in Kōchi Prefecture, Japan. It is located on the southern coast of the island of Shikoku surrounded by steep mountains. This has led to a geographical isolation of the region which allowed the region to develop unique cultures and customs still apparent to this day. Many Tosa blacksmiths enjoy making kurouchi knives and the area is known for this type of finish using hammer forge techniques in making their knives. This kitchen knife is one such example. The texture of the hammering and the glossy blue tones of the kurouchi finish is something unique to Tosa knives. 


Type: Kiritsuke
Core: Aogami Super OR White #1
Cladding: Soft Iron Kurouchi Finish
Handle Material: Chestnut
Total Length: 374mm
Blade Length: 215mm
Weight: 180g
HRC: 64-65
Thickest portion of blade: 3.5 mm 

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