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Timemore Chestnut S3 Coffee Grinder

Timemore Chestnut S3 Coffee Grinder

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We provide a 1-year warranty on all our Timemore products.

The Chestnut S3 is Timemore's latest and most exciting coffee grinder launch in 2024.

Whether it's espresso, pour over, or the french press - your needs will be covered with this grinder. It is Timemore's first coffee grinder with an external click adjustment, along with several upgrades in terms of burr and precision of bearings which will result in a more uniform and consistent grind, giving you better tasting brews.


Key features:

  • External Click Adjustment: Fine tune your grind settings down to 0.015mm steps, with the scales labelled so you no longer have to manually count from zero (like with the C3 series).
  • Micro-adjustments: With 15 clicks of mirco adjustments within the espresso range alone, and a total of 90 clicks of adjustments in its entire range. This makes the S3 the most accurate grinder in the entire Timemore range.
  • New Patented 42mm S2C890 Burr: The upgraded Spike-2-Cut (S2C) 890 burr set reduces fines and improves grind distribution and consistency.
  • High Precision Bearings: Increased precision by 20%, with a stricter tolerance of 5 microns compared to the previous 7 microns.
  • Built for Durability: Full metal, unibody construction.
  • Foldable Handle: The patented spring-assisted handle not only looks sleek, but makes the grinder more compact and easier to store. It also shifts the centre of gravity and reduces the likelihood of the grinder tipping over. 
  • Anti-slip Silicone Pad: Located on the base of the grinder, the silicone pad prevents the grinder from slipping on your countertop.
Body: 182 x 55 mm
Handle length: 179mm 
Capacity: Holds up to 30-35g of beans (varies based on bean size and density)
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