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Timemore 064S / 078S / 078 Sculptor Electric Coffee Grinder

Timemore 064S / 078S / 078 Sculptor Electric Coffee Grinder

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We provide a 1-year warranty on all our Timemore products.
The Timemore Sculptor series has been highly sought after ever since their incredibly successfully Kickstarter project that garnered over $6.7M in funding by 10.8K backers. 
At first glance, the Sculptors look incredibly sleek and elegant - but that's not all. These electric grinders boast some innovative and functional aspects that result in superb user experience as well. 

Differences between 064/078 vs 064S/078S:

  • Grinding Range
- 064S / 078S: Suitable for both finer or coarser grinds (e.g. moka pot, espresso, pour overs, french press, etc.)
- 064 / 078 (non-S model): Only suitable for coarser grinds and NOT espresso (e.g. pour overs, french press)
  • Flat Burrs vs Turbo Burrs - Flat burrs are used in the 064S / 078S, while Turbo Burrs are used in the 064 / 078.
- 064S / 078S Flat Burrs: Designed to be an all-rounder, these patented flat burrs are able to grind finely for espresso, while providing consist and uniform grinds good enough for pour-overs.
- 064 / 078 Turbo Burrs: Designed for filtered coffee, the Turbo Burrs utilize a three-row tooth design for unmatched efficiency, allowing for increased cutting speed and a consistent grind with minimal fines. The particle distribution for these burrs should be tighter, giving you a brew with higher clarity.

Differences between 064/064S vs 078/078S:

  • Hopper - the 064S has a non see-through, opaque hopper while the 078S has a semi see-through hopper (black version) or a completely transparent and clear hopper (white version).
  • Burr Size - the 064S has a smaller 64mm flat burr, while the 078S has a larger 78mm flat burr. Both use flat burrs that are capable of espresso or pour overs.
  • Power - the 064S has a lower power rating of 150W-180W while the 078S has a higher power rating of 400W.
  • Maximum RPM - the 064S has a max RPM of 1200 while the 078S has a maximum RPM of 1400. Both sculptors start at a minimum of 800 RPM. 
  • Size & Weight - the 064S is overall smaller and lighter than the 078S.

Notable features:

  • Patented Burrs - Flat burrs are used in the 064S/078S models, which are suitable for fine grinding espresso as well as providing a consistent grind for pourovers. Turbo Burrs are used in the 064/078 models for increased speed and consistency for filter coffee.
  • Stepless Dial (064S / 078S) - Allows for greater control to dial in your grind settings. (Note: the 078 has a stepped dial to assist with consistency in your pour over grind size.)
  • Adjustable RPM - 800-1200RPM (064S) | 800-1400 RPM (078S)
  • Patented Rotary Knocker - quickly and easily shake out fines by rotating the Rotary Knocker dial.
  • Sensory Brushless Motor - The brushless motor rotates without contacting the stator, therefore having zero friction. This results in a quieter grinder, extends the lifespan of the motor and provides more stability as it does not shake when operating. 
  • Magnetic Lid - The magnetic lid was designed to cover the hopper in two positions: fully or half covered. The magnetic snap closure securely holds the lid in place, and even when half closed, the indents in the lid coupled with the magnetic force, ensures that the lid does not fall off.
  • Magnetic Catch Cup - Allows the catch cup to slide easily and securely into position to catch the coffee grounds.
  • Body Material - Aluminium Alloy / Stainless Steel
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