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Silicone Magnetic Knife Block

Silicone Magnetic Knife Block

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These knife blocks are 40cm in length and come with both screws and mounting tape. They can hold 5 to 6 knives comfortably. For installation, we recommend using the screws whenever possible, as they provide the most secure installation. However, we will also be providing you a strip of 3M VHB mounting tape if you would prefer to mount the knife block that way.


For installation by mounting tape, here are some things to take note:

- On high-gloss surfaces like a glass backsplash, we recommend that you scuff up the glossy surface with sandpaper before installing. This will increase the surface area in contact between the tape and surface for better adhesion. (High-gloss = you can see your reflection in them).

- On painted surfaces, DO NOT use the mounting tape for installation as the tape will eventually rip the paint off the wall along with the knife block.

- Always clean surfaces with rubbing alcohol before applying the tape, this will ensure the best adhesion. Bonding time of 48 hours is recommended for best results.

If unsure, please consult your preferred handyman or contractor for best installation practices. 


This magnetic knife block is made from a soft-touch silicone material. It is very easy on knives and provides a soft landing when you knives snap onto the block. The colour matches well with knives of any color!


Dimensions: 40 x 5 x 1.8 cm

Mounting Options:

  • Wall Screws x 2
  • 3M VHB Mounting Tape
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