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Shizu Hamono Gen Bundle

Shizu Hamono Gen Bundle

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With both aesthetics and functionality in mind - the Shizu Hamono Gen Series features a real kurouchi black finish on a 100% stainless steel kitchen knife. This is extremely rare as the kurouchi finish is typically only found on carbon steel knives. Other stainless steel kurouchi knives are usually painted black and can easily be chipped off. Real kurouchi is a strong chemical bond of black iron oxide on the surface of steel which does not shed or chip.

Additionally, these knives have a VG10 steel core which boasts a good balance of edge retention, durability and ease of sharpening. It's no wonder why the Gen series is one of our best sellers.

To match the VG10 steel, we chose the King 1000/6000 (KW-65) sharpening stone. This is a great stone to use whether you are a new sharpener or have many years of experience. The KW65 has a strong tactile feel on the 1000 grit side which would be great for finding the right angle to sharpen with. And after using the 6000 grit side, your knife should be sharp enough to tackle any kitchen task.

The Semiblack Knife Guards and Knife Roll included in the bundle also makes it easy for you to bring your knives to and from work.

Our bundle price for the Gen series is approx. a 10% discount from the original price, rounded down.


This bundle includes:

  • 2 Shizu Hamono Gen Knives of your choice
  • 2 Semiblack Knife Guards
  • 1 King 1000/6000 (KW-65) Whetstone
  • 1 Semiblack Knife Roll
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