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Shapton RockStar Series

Shapton RockStar Series

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Shapton's 2024 whetstone launch - the RockStar.

Made of the same high-grade ceramic cutting medium in the popular Shapton Glass Stones, the RockStar series comes without the glass but with double the abrasives. If you already love the Glass stones, you will love these too.

These RockStar sharpening stones are great for abrasion-resistant, high-hardness powder-metallurgy steels. The abrasives within the stone are uniform and homogenous which allows for a fast-cutting, hard and durable whetstone. 

One thing to note as a point of comparison to the GlassStone series, the RockStars are formed under less pressure. So the RockStar may end up being slightly softer compared to the GlassStone. This may be the reason why it is recommended to soak RockStar stones before use, as they are more porous compared to the GlassStones (which are splash and go and non-porous). However, this might just be a nitpick at the finer details as both the RockStar and GlassStone are still extremely hard, typical of any Shapton Stones.


This Whetstone is:

  • Soaking - Soak for 5-6 minutes before use.
  • Fast Cutting - Great for hard, high alloy steels.
  • Hard Wearing - This stone dishes very slowly
  • Strong Tactile Feedback
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Wide Range of Grit Ratings


If your edge is sharp in some areas but not in others, check that you have deburred consistently throughout the edge. Also, make sure you have a consistent sharpening angle throughout the length of the blade.

You may have microchips on the edge if your edge cannot achieve sharpness at specific points on the edge. You may use a 400 grit stone or lower to remove these microchips.

Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 10mm
Weight: 370g approx.

This whetstone ships from our warehouse in Singapore, for local deliveries it takes 2-3 working days to arrive.

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