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Shapton Glass Series

Shapton Glass Series

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For sharpening, fixing or polishing - Shapton Glass Stones are your best bet. Especially when it comes to abrasion-resistant, high-hardness powder-metallurgy steels. On top of the tempered glass plate lies a high-grade ceramic cutting medium which is densely packed. The abrasives are extremely uniform and homogenous resulting in a fast-cutting, hard and durable stone. 

Additionally these stones are thin, light and strong as they are made with several layers of tempered glass. They thus have strong resistance to cracking or breakage caused by external shocks such as being dropped. These factors make them a great choice for a portable sharpening kit.

Note: The glass backing is frosted, hence the product appears hazy in our photos. Our photography skills aren't that bad!


This Whetstone is:

  • Non Soaking - Splash and Go
  • Fast Cutting - Great for hard, high alloy steels.
  • Hard Wearing - This stone dishes very slowly
  • Strong Tactile Feedback
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Wide Range of Grit Ratings


If your edge is sharp in some areas but not in others, check that you have deburred consistently throughout the edge. Also, make sure you have a consistent sharpening angle throughout the length of the blade.

You may have microchips on the edge if your edge cannot achieve sharpness at specific points on the edge. You may use a 400 grit stone or lower to remove these microchips.

Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 10mm
Weight: 388g approx.

This whetstone ships from our warehouse in Singapore, for local deliveries it takes 2-3  working days to arrive.

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