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Semiblack Leather Knife Strop

Semiblack Leather Knife Strop

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Diamond Stropping Spray

A strop is used after sharpening in order to take the sharpness to the highest level. Typically a flexible leather strop is used to maintain the sharpness of a traditional straight razor. Our strops are mounted on a flat wooden block so you can use it similarly to a whetstone. The rubber feet underneath helps with grip.


How to use a strop:

Strops are frequently used with stropping compounds, extremely fine abrasives that give a mirror finish to an edge. Before using the strop, apply a thin layer of the compound to the surface of the strop. A little compound goes a long way, so there’s no need to cake it on.

Hold the bevel against the surface of the strop with light pressure and move the blade away from the cutting edge. Turn the blade over and do the same on the other side. The process is the same on any stropping surface, with or without a stropping compound.

Never move the blade toward the cutting edge as it will cut into the strop, resulting in dulling of the edge and damage to the strop. A few strokes is usually sufficient. A strop is best used before you even think your edge is dull. Used consistently, it is a key step in maintaining a razor sharp edge.



210 x 70 x 22mm



Vegetable Tanned Leather, Beech Wood, Silicone Rubber


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