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Seki 19C27 Hammered 45 Layer Damascus Santoku 180mm

Seki 19C27 Hammered 45 Layer Damascus Santoku 180mm

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Made in Seki City Japan.


Commonly referred to simply as "Swedish Steel". 19C27 is one of the many steels produced by Sandvik, an engineering company based in Sweden specializing in mining and heavy machinery. 

In terms of carbon content, 19C27 is quite similar to VG10 and thus shares many of the same properties. Here are some of the key differences:

  • 19C27 is Tougher (Less Brittle) than VG10 by about 4 times.
  • 19C27 is slightly easier to sharpen compared to VG10
  • VG10 has a better edge retention than 19C27 (VG10 will stay sharp ~15% longer)

Given these properties, 19C27 would be better suited for heavier use applications, like in a commercial kitchen environment. For home users, this knife will be a great choice if you share your kitchen with "less careful" users.

Type: Santoku
Core: Sandvik 19C27
Cladding: 45 Layer Hammered Damascus Cladding
Handle Material: Rosewood
Total Length: 318mm
Blade Length: 185mm
Weight: 127 g
Thickest portion of the blade: 2mm
HRC: 59 - 60


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