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Naniwa Chosera (Professional) Series

Naniwa Chosera (Professional) Series

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This Whetstone is:

  • Non Soaking - Splash and Go
  • Fast Cutting - Best for hard, high-alloy steels
  • Hard Wearing - This stone dishes slowly over time
  • Strong Tactile Feedback - You can feel the angle of sharpening easily

Naniwa Choseras are equivalent to Naniwa Professional apart from these key differences:

  1. Choseras are 5mm thicker than the Professionals (25mm vs 20mm).
  2. Choseras come with a nagura, Professionals do not.
  3. Choseras come with a non-slip base, Professionals do not.

The Naniwa Chosera line of whetstones have long been regarded as the premier line of Japanese sharpening stones. They are fast cutting, hard wearing, provide good feedback and dish slowly - all the qualities that a good sharpening stone will possess. Since these stones are very thick and slow wearing, it can be viewed as a "buy it for life" investment.

Note: The plastic base is non-removable  


If your edge is sharp in some areas but not in others, check that you have deburred consistently throughout the edge. Also, make sure you have a consistent sharpening angle throughout the length of the blade.


Dimensions (Stone Only): 21cm x 7cm x 2.5cm

Weight: 1114g

This whetstone ships from our warehouse in Singapore, for local deliveries it takes 2 days to arrive.

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