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Misuzu-Gata VG10 Mini-Honesuki 105mm

Misuzu-Gata VG10 Mini-Honesuki 105mm

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Misuzu Knives are produced by a small family run blacksmith shop in Miki Japan. They are part of the collective MUJUN supports "Jiba-sangyo", or local industry,

This means locally producing something that is in harmony with the environment and the native lifestyle, using locally available natural materials. Being in and around nature has always been an essential part of Japanese people’s livelihood as forests cover 80% of the mountainous land in Japan.

To find out more about MUJUN please visit their website:

Needless to say, these kitchen knives are something special.

You may use this knife for cutting meat of bones and cleaning fish. Can also be used as a fruit knife.

Blade Type: Mini-Honesuki
Total Length: 212mm
Blade Length: 103mm
Weight: 54g
Core: VG10
Cladding: Stainless
Handle: Magnolia with Traditional Urushi Lacquer, Plastic Ferrule
Thickest portion of the blade: 1.9mm
HRC: 59 - 60

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