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Matsubara Blue #2 Nashiji Petty 150mm

Matsubara Blue #2 Nashiji Petty 150mm

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4th Generation Master Blacksmith:

Katsuto Tanaka is one of the handful of blade smiths still around in Matsubara, Omura City, with a blacksmithing tradition that spans over 800 years. Each blade is hand forged and hammered in Tanaka Kama Kogyo, where knife enthusiasts can attend a hands-on knife-making experience and watch Tanaka-san at work!

Mastubara blades are characterized by their tall blades and thick spine which tapers nicely towards the tip. This makes it a great choice for people with larger hands and those seeking more knuckle clearance. The larger blade profile, combined with the textured nashiji finish gives the blade a refined yet rugged appearance. Additionally the stainless steel nashiji finish also aids in food release and protects the core carbon steel from rusting. 

The core Blue #2 Steel is hardened to HRC 62- 63 which provides a cutting edge with lasting sharpness.

Type: Petty
Core: Hitachi Blue Paper #2 (Aogami 1)
Cladding: Stainless Steel (Nashiji Pear Skin Finish)
Handle Material: Octagonal Rosewood
Total Length: 263mm
Blade Length: 150mm
Weight: 92 g
HRC: 62-63
Thickest portion of blade: 2.5 mm
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