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Kanetsugu Saiun VG10 Gyuto 200mm

Kanetsugu Saiun VG10 Gyuto 200mm

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The brand Kanetsugu is the defacto value-for-money option when it comes to mid-range Japanese knives! This title used to belong to Tojiro but sadly they have increased their price without really upgrading their products.

The grind on the Saiun series of knives are impeccable! Kanetsugu calls this the Hamaguri grind (which is a type of clam) which tells you that it is a convex grind. The damascus pattern on the blade is subtley gorgeous bringing a touch of complexity to an otherwise plain blade. The red trim near the bolster of the handle gives the knife an absolutely premium look without being too playful. The core steel is the ever reliable VG10 Cobalt Alloyed Steel and with Kanetsugu's sub-zero heat treatment process takes the steel to HRC60 without being brittle and "chippy".

The black micarta scales used for the handles are completely water resistant and is highly durable, combined with the seamless design (no gaps!) of the handle and bolster, this makes the knife very easy to clean and hygienic at the same time.

Blade Type: Gyuto
Core: VG10
Cladding: 33 Layer Damascus Steel
Handle: Micarta
Spine Thickness at Heel: 1.9mm
HRC: 60
Weight: 225g
Blade Length: 201mm
Overall Length: 331mm
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