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Kanetsugu Pro-M Gyuto (Tojiro Alternative)

Kanetsugu Pro-M Gyuto (Tojiro Alternative)

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The brand Kanetsugu is the defacto value-for-money option when it comes to mid-range Japanese knives! This title used to belong to Tojiro but sadly they have increased their price without really upgrading their products.

The grind on the Pro-M series of knives are impeccable! Kanetsugu calls this the Hamaguri grind (which is a type of clam) which tells you that it is a convex grind. Additionally the profile taper on the knife is what I consider a laser taper, thicker at the spine and quickly tapering at the edge making for a cutting experience with very little resistance. Because this blade is a monosteel AUS8, durability and toughness is not a concern. AUS8 is a steel that takes sharpening easily and is also tough and a relatively hard steel at HRC 58 to 59.

For professional chefs out there! The handle on this knife is incredibly comfortable, the Pro-M series would be excellent for use in a professional kitchen environment for long hours. Plus the steel is not prone to chipping, which Im sure many chefs have experienced this issue when trying to work quickly in a fast paced environment.

Blade Type: Gyuto
Core: AUS8 Monosteel
Handle: Black Pakkawood
Spine Thickness at Heel: 1.9mm
HRC: 58-59
Blade Length: 180 | 210 | 240 | 270mm
Weight: 178 | 192 | 201 | 223g
Overall Length: 308 | 340 | 373 | 400mm
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