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Seki Kanetsugu Diamond Sharpening Rod 255mm

Seki Kanetsugu Diamond Sharpening Rod 255mm

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The 10 Inch Kanetsugu sharpening rod is made of diamond that is electroplated on the surface of steel. The diamond abrasives makes it an ideal for sharpening high hardness steels like SG2 or ZDP189.

How to use:

Hold rod downward firmly and hold the knife at a 10 to 18 degree against the rod. Using an edge leading stroke, gently draw the knife across the surface of the rod. Do not force the sharpening, if met with resistance, adjust the angle downwards and try again.


Not for serrated edges.

Not dishwasher safe.

Hand wash with a brush if needed, pat dry with a cloth immediately after washing to prevent rust.

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