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Kajibe White #2 Kurouchi Santoku 165mm

Kajibe White #2 Kurouchi Santoku 165mm

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The Kajibe Story:

A Father & Son Team

Kajibe knives are hand-forged by master blacksmith Kunio Ishikawa and his son. They are located in a quaint, traditional factory in the historic knife making city of Sanjo, Japan. Master Ishikawa prefers to only use traditional Japanese steel such as White, and Blue Paper steels from Hitachi Yasuki Steel. All Kajibe knives are hand-forged in a traditional wood-fired oven and then hand polished. This technique has been passed down from father to son for many hundreds of years.

His knives are thin, light, and represent incredible value for money given the high level of finish. Shirogami Steel also offers great edge retention and are very easy to sharpen should you wish to try and sharpen your own knives with a Japanese whetstone.

Type: Santoku
Core: Shirogami #2 Carbon Steel
Cladding: Kurouchi Finish
Handle Material: Magnolia Wood
Total Length: 314mm
Blade Length: 170mm
Weight: 129g
HRC: 61-62
Thickest portion of blade: 3.5mm

This knife ships from our warehouse in Singapore, for local deliveries it takes 2 days to arrive.

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