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Hasegawa FRK/FSR Wood-Core Soft Rubber Cutting Board

Hasegawa FRK/FSR Wood-Core Soft Rubber Cutting Board

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HASEGAWA is a Japanese company based in Chiba prefecture, Japan.

It started its business in 1955 and produced products using its professional knowledge about chemical industries. Their policy, "seeking the safety with science" describes their business well.

Hasegawa's soft cutting board cushions and absorbs the blows of your knife, thus preserving your blade’s sharpness. Also its grippy surface prevents ingredients from moving when cutting, and allow more delicate cuts!

The wood core provides 2 main benefits - firstly it prevents warping and bending over long term use with high temperature washing, a problem that plastic cutting boards are notorious for. Secondly, the wood core reduces the weight of the cutting board by 30% vs conventional plastic boards which reduces the burden of washing.

This board is SIAA certified, which is one of the highest sanitation standards awarded in Japan. Antibacterial surfaces in compliance with SIAA standards have been tested to exhibit 1% of the bacterial growth versus untreated surfaces.



FRK/FSR series is yellow, FPEL series is black

FRK series is 20mm thick, FSR series is 20 to 25mm thick (depending on the size), FPEL series is 18mm thick

FRK/FSR boards are made of a softer PE material compared to the FPEL (black) boards. This means that the FRK/FSR boards are gentler on your knife blades and help with edge retention. However, this also means that they are relatively less durable than their FPEL counterparts. With that said, both these boards are still more durable and gentle on your blades than your typical plastic/wooden boards.


  • Because of the soft surface technology, be sure to rinse the board often to avoid stains from setting in.
  • Dishwasher and bleach safe.
  • Do not use or store at temperatures over 194°F (90°C) or below -22°F (-30°C).
  • Warping and deformation may occur when weight is applied over a long period at high temperature. If that happens, heat the board to about 176°F (80°C), place it on a flat surface, place something heavy on top and let it cool.
  • Please do not place recently deep fried food directly onto the board after frying. At scalding hot temperatures the material will absorb oil and grease causing the board to discolor or stain.

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