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Dao Vua Kurouchi 5160 Series

Dao Vua Kurouchi 5160 Series

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Introducing the Dao Vua 5160 Series - hand forged in Hanoi, Vietnam by the Dao Vua family who has been involved in blacksmithing for multiple generations. They specialize in using recycled materials, giving these materials a new life. 

Even though they could be a little rough around the edges, these kitchen knives are a great entry into fully carbon steel knives. They are value-for-money options that could help hone your skills in sharpening, or learning to care for and work with carbon steel. 

Handmade by skilled artisans in Vietnam, each kitchen knife is a work of art that combines traditional techniques with modern design. The blade is made of a mono-steel, Russian Leaf Spring 5160 steel, a tough and resilient material. The handle is crafted from Rosewood and Ebony, giving it a sleek and elegant look that's comfortable to hold.


Blade Type: Petty | Bunka | Santoku | Tall Nakiri | Gyuto

Blade Length: 147 | 165 | 163 | 170 | 209mm

Overall Length: 278 | 305 | 305 | 318 | 360mm

Weight: 79 | 115 | 119 | 182 | 150g

Spine Thickness at Heel: 2.0mm

Core: 5160 Carbon Steel 

Handle: Rosewood & Ebony Ferrule

HRC: 58-59

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