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Double Sided Acacia Magnetic Knife Block

Double Sided Acacia Magnetic Knife Block

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Both sides of this knife block are magnetic, allowing you to fit 10 or even more knives safely on your counter top. This knife block is made of acacia wood, which is known to be a durable and sustainable variety of hardwood. They generally have a straighter grain pattern with the presence of some knots. 

You can fit blades of up to 20cm straight down. If your knives are more than 20cm long, you'll have to place them slightly diagonally along the knife block.

Dimensions of magnetic portion: 28 (Width) x 20.3 (Height) cm

Dimensions of Base: 30 (Width) x 10 (Depth) cm

Total Dimensions (including base): 30 (Width) x 22.7 (Height) x 10 (Depth) cm

Material: Natural acacia wood, ferrite magnets
Here's a tip! To easily remove your knife from the knife block, twist the knife towards its spine before pulling it away. This helps reduce the magnetic force (due to the reduced surface area in contact) and thus makes the knife easier to remove.

Note: The grain pattern may differ for each knife block as this is a natural product with natural variations. It also requires some simple assembly (screwing in the magnetic block into the base). The screwdriver is provided.

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