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Coffee Bean Vacuum Canister

Coffee Bean Vacuum Canister

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This Vacuum Canister can keep your coffee beans or tea leaves fresh - away from air and moisture.

Create a vacuum in the container by pressing the pump button in the lid's center lid until the button doesn't easily return to its original position. To release the vacuum, press the small button on the edge of the lid.

Material: Borosilicate glass which is durable and heat resistant.
Diameter: 11cm
  • 400ml: 9.3cm height – approx 170g of beans
  • 800ml: 13.5cm height – approx 320g of beans 


1) Freshly roasted beans release CO2 gas in the first 5 days of being roasted, this will slightly affect the vacuum performance.

2) Avoid storing ground coffee in the canister as the find grounds may affect the valves of the vacuum pump, making it less effective over time

3) Do not wash the lid with water, as it may affect the performance of the vacuum pump as well

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