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AeroPress Go

AeroPress Go

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Made in the USA.

The AeroPress Go comes with:

1) The AeroPress itself
2) Travel Cup and Lid
3) 350 Filters with a Travel Paper Holder (Holds 20 filters)
4) Coffee Scoop
5) Foldable Stirrer

Original AeroPress vs Aeropress Go

Original AeroPress Advantages:

1) Larger Brewing Capacity (250ml Max)
2) Can fit some slim grinders inside

AeroPress Go Advantages:

1) Compact Form Factor (200ml Max)
2) Easier to unpack than a travel tote
3) When fully packed, the form factor looks very good (personal opinion)

Personal Pick: AeroPress Go

Reason: I usually brew to espresso strength and dilute, so only 120ml Capacity is needed. Plus the fully packed form looks really neat and tidy which I appreciate.

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