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5-in-1 Rolling & Pull-Through Sharpener

5-in-1 Rolling & Pull-Through Sharpener

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A fuss-free way to sharpen your kitchen knives and scissors! Great for home users who are looking for a quick & easy way to sharpen your knives, with minimal skills needed.

This 5-in-1 Sharpener comes with:
- Rolling Wheel: 400 grit diamond & 3000 grit ceramic
- Pull Through Sharpener: Tungsten Carbide & Ceramic pull-through slots
- Scissors Sharpener

To use the rolling sharpener, place your knife on the magnetic angle guide with the sharp side up. Choose the 15° angle if you have a Japanese Knife or the 20° angle if you have a western knife. Position the rolling wheel against the edge of your knife and roll back and forth. Repeat on the other side of the knife blade, and voila! You should have a decently sharp knife. 

For the pull-through sharpener, it gets even easier. Place the cutting edge of your knife blade or scissors in the pull through slot and slide it from the heel to tip. Repeat several times and you're good to go!

We highly recommending getting the bundle with our 6000 grit leather strop as it takes your knife from kind-of-sharp to proper sharp.


Take Note!

This rolling sharpener is great for a fuss-free sharpening experience, but it is by no means superior to a traditional sharpening stone. You will still get a sharper knife and a more consistent edge by using traditional stones.


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