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Takada no Hamono Suiboku Blue #1 Sujihiki 300mm

Takada no Hamono Suiboku Blue #1 Sujihiki 300mm

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Hand ground and sharpened by Mitsuaki Takada in Sakai, Japan. He trained under the master blacksmith Hiroshi Ashi-san, and honed his execution of the Hamaguri Grind as well as thin, precise blades.

This kitchen knife was forged by Yoshikazu Tanaka, widely known as one of the best blacksmiths in Sakai, and all of Japan. He is renowned for his use of pine charcoal in his heat treatment, resulting in blades with high sharpness and edge retention. With decades of experience, Tanaka-san has mastered carbon steel knife forging and produces in small volumes. Enthusiasts adore his signature wavy clad line between the hagane and jigane that distinguishes his work from other artisans.

Blade Type: Sujihiki
Core: Blue #1 (Aogami 1)
Cladding: Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Octagonal Ho Wood with Buffalo Horn Ferrule

Weight: 145g
Blade Length: 240mm

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