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Instant Read Smart Thermometer

Instant Read Smart Thermometer

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This Instant read thermometer is the perfect companion for you in the kitchen:

Need to cook your steak or chicken to perfection? This can help.
Need to heat up your water for the perfect cup of pourover coffee? This has got you covered!


This thermometer has presets for the various doneness of beef, lamb, chicken and pork. So you can rest assured your meat will be cooked exactly how you like it. Of course, this thermometer also has a manual mode in which you can use it to measure the temperature of water, candy or oil (up to 300C).

ALSO the thermometer is water resistant, you can wash it with a soap and sponge. But do not submerge it in water for too long and make sure the battery compartment is closed properly.

Read Time: 2 Seconds
Temperature Range: -50 to 300C
Accuracy: ± 1% (-50 to 199C), ± 2% (200 to 300C)
Power: 2 X AAA Batteries (Provided)
Timer: Up to 999 seconds
Mode: F and C
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