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Gradient Double Sided Magnetic Knife Block

Gradient Double Sided Magnetic Knife Block

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Designed with a unique combination of natural Acacia Wood and Stainless Steel base, this knife block would fit in every modern home. Without the hassle of any installation, this knife block fits up to 8 knives safely on your counter top with both sides of the block being magnetic. Blades of up to 24cm would fit straight down on the taller edge of the block.

We've received feedback that this knife block feels heavy and sturdy - a testament to the product's quality. It is made from Acacia Wood which is a durable and sustainable variety of hardwood. Additionally, a protective foam covers the base which adds a layer of protection between the knife block and the table top.


Instructions for use:

- The product already comes pre-assembled, just place it in a safe area on your countertop away from children and pets.

- Please wipe your knives dry before placing them on the knife block.

- To remove the knife from the block easily and safely, use a twisting motion with the sharp side away from the block (watch the video to the end to see what that looks like!)


Note 1: The grain pattern may differ for each knife block as this is a natural product with natural variations. 

Note 2: Acacia wood can have a harsh smell especially when freshly removed from the box, this dissipates quickly after leaving it out for a while.

Note 3: Knives are not included! Product consists of the magnetic knife block only.


Total Dimensions (including base): 27 (Width) x 26 (Height) x 10 (Depth) cm

Height of magnetic portion: 15 to 25cm (lowest & highest end of block)

Width of magnetic portion: 24.5cm

Weight: 2080g approx.

Material: Natural Acacia Wood & Stainless Steel

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