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Glass Displacement Vacuum Coffee Canister

Glass Displacement Vacuum Coffee Canister

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If you want to keep your coffee beans staying fresh, a displacement canister is a great storage option to consider.

Displacement canisters operate by using a piston to create a vacuum seal, which prevents air and moisture from entering the canister. This keeps your coffee or tea fresher for longer periods of time by reducing oxidation and preventing moisture from affecting the flavor. It's also an easier way of removing air from the canister vs vacuum canisters which pump air out, which could take more time and effort. 

Chicha San Chen (the Bubble Tea brand) uses these types of containers to keep their tea leaves as fresh as possible once opened!


Capacity: 800ml - stores up to approximately 320g of coffee beans 

Glass Container Height: 15.5cm (including rubber base, excluding plunger)

Diameter: 10cm

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